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A Gentleman’s Guide To Body Hair Removal

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A Gentleman’s Guide To Body Hair Removal

Hair removal for men has branched out in recent years; more and more men now see hair removal as an integral part of their grooming regimen. But with each person being drastically different when it comes to hair growth and personal tastes, it’s important to choose the right method. This guide will help you decide which option is best for you.


Of course, the simplest method of removing hair is to simply take a razor to the area you want tidied up. This is easily and cheaply achieved, but it comes with some pretty serious drawbacks – as well as irritating the skin and causing itching, it can also increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs. The treatment also lasts the shortest – the hair will soon start growing back and you’ll need to do it on a very regular basis, buying new creams and razors.


Waxing for men is one of the best tried-and-trusted methods of removing hair efficiently and quickly. At our men’s spa in Dubai, the Coolaroma Spa, we apply special Rica wax, made from 98% natural ingredients; the hair can then quickly be removed once the wax has dried, leaving nothing but smooth skin behind. While some people opt to wax at home, having the procedure carried out by a professional is always the best bet – you’ll get the correct aftercare to avoid skin infections, and you should experience a lot less pain. It also works out much cheaper than laser treatment, and doesn’t produce skin irritation like shaving.

You can book chest or back waxing at our male spa in Dubai, the Coolaroma Spa, for just AED 110.


A very old method of removing hair, threading involves catching a row of hairs between twisted threads and removing them in one go. While this removes more hairs than individually plucking them one-by-one, it’s too intensive a process to be used on the body, where hair grows in large quantities. For that reason, it’s best-used simply for trimming and tidying up facial hair, eyebrows, and sideburns. Again, the results don’t last too long – usually just a few days.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is one easy way to get a smooth body, and can be done either at home or in a salon. The main drawback to this method, however, is that the creams often contain powerful chemicals which can be painful and cause a bad reaction for many people, particularly in sensitive areas. The results are also quite short-lasting, often only working for a week or two.

Book a Full Body Waxing at Coolaroma – call +971 4 370 9706 to book your appointment today.

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