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Fight Off Ageing With Our Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial For Men

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Fight Off Ageing With Our Galvanic Rejuvenating Facial For Men

We’ve all been there – tired looking skin and a face that seems to have lost its natural glow.

While ageing is a natural process, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are certain natural procedures to consider which can help give the appearance that the clock has been turned back.

If your hardworking lifestyle is beginning to take its toll on your appearance, you should definitely consider a Galvanic Treatment to help rejuvenate your skin and keep you looking great.

A Galvanic Facial for men is one of the most effective treatments available on the market today, and can take years off your appearance with just one simple, easy to arrange procedure.

The treatment makes use of galvanic currents which shift key replenishing ingredients to the deepest skin layers, helping to reduce wrinkles, tighten up sagging skin and relax the forehead and eye areas.

It also cleans congested areas and reduces oiliness which can cause unsightly spots and blemishes. If you’re looking for facials for men in Dubai, it’s worthwhile enquiring if your male spa of choice offers galvanic therapies.

How does a Galvanic Facial work?

An electronic instrument is used to provide a steady galvanic current flow which improves the skin’s capacity to absorb. Water soluble minerals and nourishing substances are then introduced to the body via the skin. This makes it easy for a men’s spa in Dubai to treat even the most stubborn of wrinkles with the minimum amount of fuss, given that the treatment penetrates right to the deepest layers of the dermis.

The process typically begins with a cleansing preparation, and the galvanic current is then applied. A nourishing, hydrating substance is applied to help those with dry skin issues. Those with oily skin will also benefit from a galvanic facial for men, as it will assist in removing any subcutaneous blockages which lead to acne.

Does your skin need an overhaul? Revive your youth with our galvanic rejuvenating facial today!

Call 04 3709706 or use the form provided to book your appointment at Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa in Dubai.

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  • J

    I just wanted to say thank you for yet again providing me with a great service.
    Please tell Catherine thank you very much from me, the massage and Moroccan bath this morning was wonderful.
    I think she went to change and I had to leave to catch a flight so didn’t get a chance to say thank you.

  • C J M

    All I can say is that it was phenomenal! I was lucky enough to get Yui for my 90-minute Ashiatsu Massage. Everyone was very welcoming, informative and friendly.Yui was extremely professional, I left there feeling like, to a degree, I was in a new body. I will definitely be back.My greatest thanks to you, to your whole team, and to dear Yui – please do pass on my thanks to her!

  • C J M

    I wanted to say thank you, again, to your kind team – wonderful as always.I also, as mentioned when we chatted before, wanted to say a big thank you to Myrna, who was exceptional for my session.She was kind, considerate and very warm and welcoming! A real credit to your company and lovely lady indeed. The massage was again utterly excellent and thorough. A real pleasure to be attended to by such a wonderful and skilled lady. Again, I left Cool Aroma feeling relaxed, stress free and ready to take on another hard week! I cannot thank you enough, and once again, my sincere thanks to the lovely Myrna and Yui! Looking forward to my next appointment. All the very best to you and your exceptional team! Please do pass on my compliments and thanks to Myrna and Yui

  • A B

    I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your spa services are fantastic. I left rejuvenated and feeling great. Libi and Mirna are the best.I really enjoyed the Moroccan bath and the massage that I would like to have it again with Libi.

  • R B

    I visited cool aroma today and I must stay excellent staff and i had a refreshing moroccan bath.Special thanks to Jayesh (moroccan) & Raj (waxing).I will be back for other treatments soon

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    Just a note to say thank you to Michael for the excellent services during my week in Dubai. See you all in October.

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    Thank you for the time I spent with you on Wednesday and today.Ramesh was amazing for the ayurvedic massage and the Moroccan bath.He was very professional and respectful. I want to commend him completely..

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    I wish all of you there a very Happy New Year and send thanks for the most attentive service. See you from January 22-29.

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    Hello Dubai,I am just sending good greetings to all of you.I do thank you for your professional work and kindness…….to all of you are the front desk and in particular, Michael, one of the best massage therapists anywhere.See you all in April.

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    Very professional . I’ll come back again.

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    Clean, professional, and courteous.…

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    Had a great aromatherapy massage…

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    I have been very busy since my return from Dubai, but I did want to thank all of you for your attention and care during my stay there. I look forward to seeing all of you again in July. Special thank you to Michael for his exceptional massages.

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    I would like to express my thanks to the team at Cool Aroma for their attention during the last week in Dubai.Michael is the most consistent, kind, and professional massage therapist one could hope for and I always can count on his attention. I was at Business Bay and was very happily surprised when he gave me the best pedicure I have ever received. He is also a fine massage therapist.I always feel at home at your spa.I look forward to seeing you again in October.

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    Kindly Thank You for your best service and pleasant accommodation. Rejuvenation treatments so appreciated.

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    “Very good environment great staff…”

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