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Purifying Skin Treatment

Suggested for :  acne, excessive oil production, rough skin, big pores

Purifying Skin Treatment call To Book +971 4 370 9706

Our Purifying Skin Treatment is fast and thorough in removing impurities and microscopic skin debris. This procedure is especially helpful for both normal and oily skin both of which can be prone to outbreaks of spots and pimples through dirt accumulating in the pores. When excessive oil and impurities block a pore preventing free oxygenation, the result is skin irritation and acne. This condition is absolutely avoidable through taking regular purifying skin treatments that always leave your skin feeling refreshed and thoroughly clean.

Our Purifying Skin Treatment has a number of positive effects on the skin’s condition and
health. It:

  • removes dead skin cells
  • smooths, softens and evens out the skin tone.

Your skin will become radiant and the earlier prominent appearance of pores will reduce. Due to better skin oxygenation and increased blood circulation, your skin will regain its self-renewal properties which will aid you in recovering a more youthful look.

Our Purifying Skin Treatment hydrates the skin in an enjoyable, soothing way improving its tone and texture. Our treatment gives an instant glow to otherwise dull skin, through a combination of de-stressing and detoxifying.

Our Purifying Skin Treatment is especially helpful in cleaning pores damaged from sun
exposure, hot weather, city pollution or even too much partying! Our range of purifying skin
treatments are primarily aimed at the superficial skin layers but over a series of treatments
textural irregularities and pigment imperfections can also be improved or even eliminated.

Call and book our Purifying Skin Treatment to refresh your skin and give your face a radiant, bright look.

Purifying Skin Treatment at Cool Aroma Spa
Price: 60 – 70 minutes is AED 250
Call to book your treatment on + 971 4 370 9706.


Free shower with any treatment.  
Free 15-20 min use of Sauna facility over 1 hour treatment (subject to sauna room availability)

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