Best Spa for Men | Male Spa | Dubai Cool Aroma Gentlemen's Spa Sat, 15 Apr 2017 10:34:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Rough, Troublesome Skin? It Might Be Time For a Body Scrub! Sat, 15 Apr 2017 10:34:58 +0000 Continue reading ]]> If there’s a skin problem that can get seriously embarrassing… it’s dry and flaky skin! It can make handshakes awkward and cause you to shy away from personal touch.

But the good news is, there are simple methods that can help you soften rough skin in no time!

One of the treatments we advise our male clients for dry and rough skin is a Body Scrub.

How do body scrubs work?

Your skin is constantly renewing itself; one of the miracles our body performs every day. However, during this process the dead skin cells and toxins can become trapped in the upper layers of your skin, leaving it dry, rough and dull.

Body scrubs are packed with antioxidants which help improve the skin’s health, as well as its resilience to stress and environmental pollution. The body scrub treatment, along with its active ingredients, stimulates cell regeneration and improves your blood circulation. All of this means you are improving the health of your skin, preventing early aging and replacing rough, dry skin with a younger, fresher look.

At Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa, we provide body scrub treatments with natural essences, designed to bring your skin back to life. Our treatments use only professional skin care products by global brands such as Spa Redi® and La Fresh®.

You can choose from our range of body scrubs, including Cucumber, Apricot, Lemon, Olive, Chocolate, Honey & Milk, and Lavender.

To book a body scrub of your choice, call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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How To: 5 Minute Manicure For Men Sat, 01 Apr 2017 05:30:55 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Walking around with caked nails and brittle cuticles is absolutely unpleasant, and you definitely don’t wish to leave someone with a bad impression.

While most men think that a manicure treatment is strictly confined to women, it’s actually a great way to maintain proper hygiene and get perfectly groomed hands.

However, if you can’t imagine heading to a nearby salon for a manicure – it’s time to do something about those frayed cuticles and jagged nails with this 5 minute manicure.

Step 1: Shape your nails

Use a nail clipper to cut straight across the nail, leaving the edges sharp. Avoid smoothing the corners, as clipping too close around the edges can lead to ingrown nails. Next, file your nails to even out the edges and get a rounded shape.

Step 2: Clean up the edges

If you notice white gunk around your cuticles, pinch it away with a cuticle nipper. Don’t peel it off using your fingers, as it can cause bleeding and swelling. Rinse your hands thoroughly to get rid of any dirt.

Step 3: Moisturize  

Congrats, you did it! You gave yourself a mini manicure. Now, all you need to do is apply a good moisturizer that will repair dry skin and seal in moisture.

You can easily give yourself a quick manicure at the comfort of your home, but the benefits of a professional manicure go beyond the looks of your hands. Having a professional manicure focuses more on proper nail care which is very essential to achieve a polished look.

At Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa, we have a range of manicure services for complete nail and cuticle grooming using top-quality products. In addition to healthy cuticles and professional shine, our relaxing hand massage offers you complete relaxation.

Experience the professional touch with our manicure treatment designed for the urban men – call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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Our Top 3 Massages For Muscle Pain Relief Wed, 15 Mar 2017 10:17:09 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Muscle pain is an unfortunate side effect of our stressful modern lifestyle. Many urban men complain of extreme muscle pain, and most turn to painkillers and muscle relaxants to ease the discomfort.

But does that really help?

Pain killers only bring a short-lived relief because they don’t address the root cause of the problem – formation of adhesions (bands of aching, rigid tissues).

A more effective and safe approach is having a massage. It eases pain and tightness of stressed and overworked muscles while helping you relax and unwind.

Here are our top recommendations for chronic muscle pain relief in men:

Thai Massage: It’s a dry massage therapy that doesn’t use any oils or lotion. During a Thai massage, the therapist uses different body parts such as the palm, elbow, fingers, forearm, thumb or feet to manipulate the body tissue, in order to improve circulation. As the circulation is improved, stiff muscles loosen up thus alleviating the pain.

Deep Tissue Massage: During a deep tissue massage, the therapist makes use of massage oil and applies direct deep pressure on the body. The massage strokes break down muscle adhesions to allow improved circulation. When the circulation happens smoothly, pain is relieved and normal movement is restored.

Ayurvedic Massage: During the massage, your entire body is covered with warm natural Ayurvedic oil followed by gentle strokes. Oil molecules penetrate deep into the skin and activate body hormones that aid in flushing out toxins and improving blood circulation in the muscles to soothe the pain.

Want to ease muscle pain? Book one of our muscle pain relieving massages – call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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The Gentlemen’s Gym Kit: What To Pack For Your Post-Workout Shower Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:32:04 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Whether you’re heading back into the office or meeting up with a date, your post-workout shower plays a crucial role in preventing your skin from becoming dry, cracked, or covered in clogged pores due to excessive sweat.

Apart from helping you look your best, having a post-workout shower also helps the muscles recover after an intense exercise session.

Here are 7 of our favorite essentials to help you walk out of the gym looking and feeling fresh as ever.

Flip Flops: Gym shower rooms serve as the optimal place for the transmission of indirect infections, thanks to their generally moist nature. Wearing flip flops to, from, and in the shower will help avoid infections being transmitted through feet.

Disposable Razor: Don’t let the second day stubble ruin your appearance, use a disposable razor for a quick and effective close cut shave and get that evenly smooth skin.

Face Wash: It helps remove any oil and sweat from clogging your pores, thus giving your skin a brighter and vibrant look.

Shower Gel: Ditch your bar of soap, and switch to a gentle shower gel to cleanse the skin without irritating it.

Solid Cologne: Solid cologne keeps you smelling fresh without any worry of spillage. Just dip your finger and apply to the go-to pulse points: wrists, neck, and behind the ears.

Deodorant: When you work out hard, you need the best deodorant for the best odor protection. Use a deo that can reduce sweating and help you stay fresh and good all day.

Hair Styling Cream: It helps keep your hair in place throughout the day, while also providing the benefits of a dry shampoo, as it absorbs moisture left over from an extra sweaty workout.

While you may sweat hard at the gym, let these post-workout shower essentials help you be a gentleman and put your best foot forward.

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Revitalize Your Face With Our Hydrating Treatment For Men Wed, 15 Feb 2017 12:43:12 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Due to fluctuating weather and tiring work schedules, it’s often difficult to maintain radiant-looking skin.

Especially during the winters, individuals with dry skin can have a harder time keeping hydrated.

Hydrated skin is essential to prevent aging and maintain a youthful look – apart from proper moisturization, hydrating treatments can provide relief during particularly rough seasons such as the winter.

At Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa, we offer a Hydrating Facial Treatment that works deep within the skin to nourish each layer, revitalize the skin cells, and promote a radiant and youthful appearance.

How Does A Hydrating Facial Work?

Our Hydrating Facial is specially designed to rehydrate the skin, supplying it with nutrients that promote collagen production in the cells. As collagen amount increases, the skin becomes firmer and free from wrinkles, and sagginess.

It also prevents free radical damage, saving you from wrinkles and age spots.

The hydrating facial involves gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin from the top layer, followed by the application of a hydrating mask that consists of rich active ingredients, face treatment oils, and Hyaluronic acid.

As dead and flaky skin cells are removed, the healing agents penetrate the skin’s upper layer. This improves moisture absorption, while restoring natural radiance to dehydrated skin.

Proper hydration is key to enjoying a healthy and youthful complexion, and goes a long way in keeping ageing at bay.

To book a Hydrating Facial Treatment call us on 800-COOL (2665) & schedule your appointment – or click below to book online.

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Cool Aroma’s Top Deodorant Choices For Men Wed, 01 Feb 2017 13:25:27 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Grooming is not just about the way you look – but also the way you smell. From taking good care of your hair, skin and nails, you should also take the necessary steps to avoid excessive sweat and body odor.  

And while deodorants are the best way to keep body odor at bay, it is important that you choose the right fragrance.

To make the hunt a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most favored deodorants which will be a welcoming change from your regular perfume.

Below is a list of the most popular deodorants for men:

Baxter of California Citrus and Herbal-Musk Deodorant

Because of its special ingredients, and lack of alcohol and aluminum, this deo is considered as a perfect choice for men with sensitive skin.

Dove Men+Care

With extra moisturizing element that prevents excessive drying, the Dove Men+Care is a popular choice for many. It exudes clean and long-lasting fresh fragrance.

Every Man Jack

Containing active ingredients that causes no adverse effect on your skin, Every Man Jack is the perfect fragrance for full day protection from sweat and odor.

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Recommended for men who prefer skin friendly and alcohol-free deos, Polo Black is the best prevention for excessive skin dryness.

Mitchum Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

One of the very few unscented deos available, the Mitchum Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant offers all day protection against sweat and unlikable odor. The ingredients used are all clinically tested and safe for skin.

Choose any of these deos and cast a spell with your rich taste for fragrances. For extra rejuvenating and grooming services, opt for our all-inclusive spa packages for men.

Call 800-COOL (2665) to make your appointment or click below to book online!

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Coolaroma’s Top Stress Busting Massages For Men Sun, 15 Jan 2017 11:33:11 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Massage therapy is found to have an effective impact on easing stress symptoms such as chronic headaches, muscle pain, back pain, and lack of proper sleep.

While it is common for most massages to provide such stress relief, there are some massage techniques that are specifically designed to enhance relaxation, healthy blood flow and harmony.

Here are our top recommendations for serious stress busting massages for men:

Lomi Lomi Massage – Hailing from Hawaii, Lomi Lomi is an exotic massage that focuses on getting rid of mental and physical stress while stimulating energy flow in the body. It uses a combination of mild rhythmic massage strokes and aroma oils to bring relaxation and inner balance.

Aromatherapy Massage - A common favourite, the Aromatherapy Massage uses a fine blend of essential oils and relaxing massage techniques to soothe your senses and uplift your mood. The pleasant scent of essential oils is known to lower cortisol – the stress causing hormone, while the massage strokes help eliminate anxiety and strike peace and balance.

Ayurvedic Massage - One of the ancient massage techniques hailing from India, the Ayurvedic massage makes use of Ayurvedic oil and vigorous massage strokes to relax your body by flushing out toxins.

Balinese Massage - It is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy – which contribute to faster detoxification of the whole body, thus alleviating stress and re-energizing your body.

Hot Stone Massage -This massage incorporates the use of hot stones along with gentle pressure. The hot stones warm up the body’s deep tissues, thus relaxing stiff muscles and detoxifying the skin while stimulating energy points and increasing blood circulation through the body.

Think you need some time to de-stress? Book one of our stress-busting massages – call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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Grooming Products You Can Find In Your Wife’s Beauty Cabinet Sun, 01 Jan 2017 08:39:10 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Most men spend significantly less time on their appearance each day, and thus tend to have minimal (or zero!) products in their grooming cabinet, compared to their female counterparts.

Fortunately for men who are not committed enough to buy products or keep forgetting, the quick and handy solution lies in their wives’ beauty cabinets.

From ingrown hair to dry lips, here are some products that can help you with quick skin fixes and essential skincare.

Dry shampoo – This is the quickest way to fix greasy, and dry looking hair without using water. This leave-in powder absorbs excess oil from your scalp, while adding volume and shine to your hair.

Moisturizer – A skin care essential for all, moisturizer is the perfect way to keep skin healthy. It not only keeps your skin hydrated but even protects it from environmental toxins.

Cleansing lotion - Ditch your bar of soap for this gentler way of cleansing your skin – which removes all dirt and oil from your skin without drying it out. Plus, you get softer and fresh looking skin.

Toner - Simply washing the face doesn’t remove excess oil that stays trapped in your pores. Using a toner is one sure way of removing extra oil – and prevent future breakout.

Texturizer – Managing hair becomes really easy with texturizer, now you can give your hair the wavy and rugged look – sans hair gel.

So remember, next time you run short of any grooming product, or don’t really have the time to buy – borrow one from your better half!

And if you’re in the mood for some more serious grooming, head to Coolaroma Gentlemen’s Spa, of course!

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Winter Grooming For Men – 5 Skincare Essentials To Prevent Dry Skin Thu, 15 Dec 2016 05:36:36 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Cold winter winds not only affect your immune system, they even affect your skin’s natural defending shield, thereby leading to chapped lips, sore red patches, and flaky skin.

This is why winter skin care isn’t just a good idea… it’s a necessity.

By tailoring your daily grooming routine, you can prepare your skin for cooler temperatures and ensure you maintain a healthy, fresh look.

1. Exfoliation is still a must: Summers or winters, dead skin cells are bound to occur. However, in winters, you should exfoliate only once or twice a week. Use an exfoliating scrub that contains glycolic acid as it helps to breakdown cell bonds, thus making it easier to remove dead skin and debris that accumulate on your skin.

2. Moisturize more often: As the dead skin cells are removed, your skin needs to be moisturized properly so that regeneration of cells can happen smoothly. Moisturizer also helps keep your skin hydrated. When choosing the right moisturizer, do consider your skin type.

3. Use SPF: During the cold and dark days of winter, you tend to neglect using SPF. However, you should know that anytime you head outside, protecting your skin from the sun is important. Use a good SPF in accordance with the winter weather. It not only protects your skin from sun damage but even helps in fighting aging signs.

4. Use lukewarm water for the shower: Steaming hot shower can be enticing on cold days, but you should keep your shower lukewarm. Using extremely hot water can dehydrate your skin, sucking away all the moisture and making it look dull. So use warm water, and once you are out of the shower, cover your body with a suitable body lotion to lock in moisture.

5. Drink plenty of water: It’s a tip often thrown around in the summer, and it becomes easy to follow when you desire a nice cold drink. However, when winter sets in, all you desire is hot tea and coffee. But you should remember that water is the hidden product in any grooming guide. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water – it will give your skin the essential vitamins and minerals needed to look healthy and happy this winter.

Follow these DIY tips while also pampering your skin with one of our exclusive body treatments to enjoy great skin this winter.

Call 800-COOL (2665) to book a treatment at our Business Bay or Oud Metha branches.

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Your Guide To A Traditional Moroccan Bath For Men Thu, 01 Dec 2016 05:33:54 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Moroccan bath is one of the age-old traditional cleansing rituals, which is extremely popular in the UAE owing to its relaxing nature, and numerous benefits for both skin and body.

During a traditional Moroccan bath, a deep exfoliation is performed from head to toe, to remove all dead skin cells. This helps in balancing the oil secretion level in your body while also refining your skin texture, and making it softer and brighter.

Moreover, as the treatment removes dead skin cells & opens the pores – the body experiences smooth circulation of fluids and oxygen which further help in alleviating body stress, dullness while leaving behind a radiant skin.

How does the bath work?

The process starts with cleansing and steaming your body. After the steaming process gets over, you are rinsed and covered with the special Moroccan soap made of Rhassoul clay.

Rhassoul is a naturally occurring cosmetic clay found under the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, loaded with several minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium – all of which have specific properties that are beneficial for human body.

Once the soap is applied, your body is massaged following a specific technique to exfoliate dead skin cells. Post scrubbing, a body mask is applied which is left there on your skin for nearly 15 minutes. This mask allows the dirt and impurities underlying the skin to rise to the surface.

You are again made to sit in the steam room where the mask is cleaned off. The Moroccan bath process ends with the application of a moisturizing mask.

At the CoolAroma Gentleman’s Spa, we have translated this ancient tradition into a modern and private experience.  You can choose from our selection of premium scrubs such as cucumber, lemon, olive, honey & milk, and lavender that deep-clean your pores, while nourishing your skin with antioxidants to help maintain its natural moisture and balance.

Feel invigorated and refreshed with this traditional body treatment – call us on 800-COOL (2665) or click below to book online!

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