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Men’s World

Men’s World

What could feel better than being stress- free, looking and feeling your best and having fun while doing it? Melt away your worries, get pampered and rejuvenated with spa treatments par excellence.

Massage Services

Massage Services

Get acquainted with the healing touch of our massages to rid your body of toxins, stress, pain and discomfort.

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Wholesome nirvana hasn't been this easy. Our scrubs and body treatments gives you a complete luxurious experience of what relaxation and a worry free life can be like.

Introducing Moroccan Bath. For bookings call: +971 4 370 9706

Introducing Moroccan Bath. For bookings call: +971 4 370 9706

It improves your circulation, deep clean your skin and pores, provide relief from aches and pains, and remove harmful toxins from your system. Click to read more.

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After excessive exercise or injury, a massage certainly feels good. It essentially reduces pain and helps muscles recover. Improving the blood circulation, massage eases inflammation and relieves muscle tightness. Treating your pain, massage releases you from stress and brings about a meditative state of complete peace and balance. Read more to learn about the technology and benefits of the following muscle pain relieving massages:

Muscle Pain Relievers

When stress overwhelms, it can influence the health of our body and mind. Massage is one of the most indispensable treatments for recovering inner peace and wellbeing. In our spa we offer a variety of effective massage techniques and carefully combined individual programs designed to enhance relaxation, healthy blood flow and harmony. Our effective massage treatments include:

Stress Busters

Daily stresses, city pollution and improper diet are among the main factors that promote the accumulation of harmful toxins in our body. It is essential to remember the importance of detoxification for our general health and well being. Massage stimulates blood circulation and releases the skin and muscles from destructive toxins and tension. To keep healthy and fit, read more about our detox massages and choose one of our relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Our efficient detoxifying massages include:

Detox me Now

Lose weight, avoid stretch marks and excess skin with special massage treatments. The body’s deep tissues require massage and stimulation to tighten skin during and after weight loss. Increasing the blood circulation, massage helps burn fat in problem zones faster and gives your skin the desired tone. You can try one or several massage treatments or get an individual program carefully designed by our professional therapists. In our spa we offer you the following slimming massages:

Slim me Down